About Hitech Reverse Osmosis System

HI-TECH Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System Removes most of the harmful chemicals and contamination from tap water, and you get instantly pure fresh and clean water, more safe to protect your family health. Prevention is better than cure, by using water filter you not only save your health but you also save money. HiTech Reverses Osmosis water Purification System, you get more pure fresher and clean water from your tap instantly.

HI-TECH water purifier Removes Impurities such as metals particles, inorganic chemicals, viruses, germs, algae, parasites and pesticides are trapped in the membrane while clean drinking water flows to the storage tank and faucet providing you a continuous supply of sparkling clear delicious water with the contaminants removed, Hitech RO water purifier Stage 7 (Reverses Osmosis) system water releases the real tastes of your foods leaving you with food that looks and tastes improved water. Hitech RO water system Stage 7(Reverses Osmosis) system water release the true flavors of your food leaving you with food that looks and taste better. RO water filtration system is also excellent to bottled water saving you money, protecting your atmosphere and assuring quality of water purifier ro your sink

7 Stages of Water Purification Process

Stage 1:

`Pre filter 5 micron to remove suspended material such as sediments, insects, fiber.

Stage 2:

Granular Activated carbon to reduce chlorine, color, odor and absorbs volatile

Stage 3:

Activated carbon block filter to absorb complete chlorine, odor, color and organic.

Stage 4:

TFC membrane with pores of 0.0001 mic. Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, access salt and waterborne micro organisms such as virus, bacteria etc.

Stage 5:

Post carbon removes bd taste and odor, improves the water taste and enhances the antibacterial functions by silver granular activate carbon.

Stage 6:

Special ceramic mineral filter is used for PH control, give mineral supply and asbestos, rust and dust etc. organic components from feed water. chemicals from feed water. make great taste of the water.

Stage 7:

Ultraviolet water (UV) Sterilization system Killed bacteria & virus Offer warranty for the commercial and domestic RO system

Free Installation - Included All Expenses - One Year Service Free ( Every 3 Month, 3 Time ) Maintenance Would Be Free one year. One Free Shifting Within warranty Period.