Shower Filter

Chlorine Free 100% KDF-808 Media

200,400 GPD - 8 Stage Standard RO
  • Using a Water Filter for showers or baths has HUGE benefits.
  • The skin is your bodies largest organ.
  • It absorbs harmful chemicals, especially when immersed in water and when hot.
  • This is why taking long showers is actually regarded as a health risk! When you shower in hot water you also breathe in a lot of chlorine vapour (a poison gas).
  • Up to 50% of our exposure to this harmful chemical happens in the shower! Showering in chemical treated water also destroys your hair and aggravates skin and eyes.
  • KDF - Heavy Metals removal plus Bacteria control
  • Calcium Sulfite - Chlorine removal
  • Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet - Softens Water
  • Activated Ceramic Ball - Energizes and Oxygenates
  • Carbon - Bad taste & Odour removal
  • High Flow Sediment Filtration - Removes Impurities